Research: Finding Ways to Focus During the Pandemic

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By Dave Cruz

I think the title says it all for this article. Before Covid-19, when doing my research, I already had focus issues. That is not to say that I did or did not get things done in a timely manner, but the time that I had to research was more limited during the workweek (9-5 job). Although I find
myself with more time now that I have been furloughed from my job, it seems even more difficult to focus on.

This difficulty with researching is in part because of all the information that is being processed and posted, and this does not necessarily mean it is all true. Take for instance at the beginning of this pandemic, the narrative not to mention the information about the virus was constantly changing. In the past 3 1/2 months, we have been glued to our TV’s and social media hoping to find answers.

The point is, with everything going on around us it seems like we were being more and more distracted these days. For me, it has my mind going in all kinds of different directions, and it is any wonder that I get anything done at all. Besides the fact that I am constantly thinking of ways
to support and protect my family, I need to remember that what I do for myself is just as important without feeling guilty of being selfish.

Today I made a decision to come up with a plan to work on my research not only for my program, but for my life, my friends, and my family. I am sharing my plan with you in hopes that we can help each other stay on track and continue to be productive in these strange times.

  1. Get up early. These days I have found it easier to stay up later watching Netflix or reading my Facebook feed till I fall asleep. Not ok. I will have to remember to write a whole article on that alone why it’s not ok. After getting up, do whatever it takes to get my day started. Whether it is Qi Gong exercises or a strong cup of coffee it’s important to stimulate the mind.
  2. Stay on track and focused. Writing a ‘to-do’ list and strictly following it through will help me steady my course of the day and allow more time to do the research I need to do.
  3. Try to stay interested in your research or work. This entails finding topics that should always be intriguing but digestible and leaving the public wanting to learn more. Finding topics in today’s life is not hard but prioritizing topics is essential to how I can present my ideas to my audience.
  4. Minimize distractions. Although it’s important to stay updated with our current situation, let’s not get caught up in the mainstream media’s opinion about politics or social media dribble about other agendas that are taking down the cabal or the New World Oder trying to depopulate the world. The important thing is to stay in the know so it can effectively help my family and myself.
  5. Wind down at the end of the day. Perhaps meditation or just grounding (again a topic for another discussion for another time) at the end of the day. It is just as important and helps plan the next day to continue focusing for the next day. These are just some thoughts that I have for my routine. I cannot think for you or tell you what you should do but perhaps sharing my thoughts can help you with your research. I hope this helps. Till next time, stay safe and stay strange. God speed. To learn more about Dave, visit

Written by: Joe Rupe

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