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Jess started off as a tape operator and quickly moved up to writing the news.  She has worked in field reporting, segment producing and became the main anchor for AROUND AND ABOUT ORANGE COUNTY NEWS.  With a broadcast and journalism background blazing her way and working with G4 media, CB1 Magazine, and now the Main News Reporter and News Producer for Fringe FM her fanbase has grown rapidly. Her news segments always deliver compelling, fun, shocking, and timely information. 

ARE YOU TIRED OF THE SAME OLD BORING NEWS? Jess Rogge can give you your news fix! The new voice in alternative news and media rapidly becoming popular among the listening audience. 

Subject Matters Include UFOs, Space, Tech, Sightings, Pop Culture, Strange News, Metaphysics, Science, Quantum Physics, and more!

Jess Rogge is also the host of the new show ESCAPE THE SIMULATION!

News Segment 3 Minutes

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