James Webb Telescope and the Mysterious Message From Deep Space

todayJuly 22, 2022 1

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Earlier this month, the long awaited James Webb telescope opened it’s doors for business for the first time, sending never before seen images of the Universe, or more accurately, space the final… um, journey.

One of the surprise discoveries was a pulse of light that appears to be more than simple random reflections and is actually coming into existence for three solid seconds, then disappearing for 22 to 25 seconds, thusly creating the belief that someone, 13.1 billion years ago tried to say…hey.

Teams of scientist and linguists have been sequestered with the continuing conundrum of what the light could possibly signify. As is typical they used the look close to home for solutions theory. In the South Pacific there is an island so remote they have developed their own morse type code system using reflected light from the tail ends of their surf boards. It was quickly determined that to hold a reflection that constant that its meaning could only be one thing. Sup

The scientist all got on board with this interpretation and are in the process of spending several billion dollars developing a laser powerful enough to respond, which of course won’t be received for 13.1 billion years. They are going to have a poll to decided what would be the best message to send and it is coming down to two messages. Number 2 would be, swing by an we’ll pick up some 40’S and the most popular one being. “nuthin, sup which you.’”

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m excited to see how this conversation plays out.

Written by Joseph Hansen, Author and Host of Wyrd Realities’ Low Balling with Joe

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Written by: Wyrd Realities

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