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MINDFIRE with Maverick Matthews is a new project from the mind of the Artist and Philosopher who brings you the counter-culture, experimental podcast, "Pepper For Your Steak"! MINDFIRE is a wild journey exploring the true life stories from Maverick's past and present, including his decade plus career as a wilderness educator and guide and decade plus career in Hollywood, both in front of and behind the camera. Each episode also […]

I was Born a Child of the 60’s (1949)

I had an apparition of Christ in my window when I was 6, the day my sister was born. In 1968 I was in deep pain and cried out to Jesus Christ; I’d never been to church nor read the Bible but when I heard the audible voice of God ir rocked my world. I was instantly healed, filled with unspeakable joy, and couldn’t contain the
overwhelming peace and love. But I didn’t know what actually happened so I set off on a journey seeking the truth. Along the way I dropped acid, mushrooms, pot, partied in Golden Gate park to free music by the Dead and Airplane ,etc. The did I I ching, read Tarot cards, cast astrology charts old school, read the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Urantia Book, got a mantra from Satchidananda. Practiced meditation, but every time I opened the bible I’d start with Mathew, get bored because I didn’t understand it and read Sidhartha, Gurdjeff, listened to Alan Watts – I went through the entire Easten Religions-Vivakananda and Yogananda were my mentors. I
named my daughter Viva after him (Viva) and a NY model Warhol liked.

“I will utter things which have been kept secret since the foundation of the world .”

– Jesus Christ

I was a street photographer and have thousands of black and whites and color slides of that period. I have pics of almost every rock band and the Haight Asbury scene. My search continued until I took a class in 1976 that clarified the Scriptures and led me to believe I’d gotten born again that night. It was evidenced during the class when I suddenly could speak in tongues (my prayer language given by God) that assured me of the spirit within. I became a professional screenwriter and have published 2 books and 7 screenplays. One about a writer who discovered a time portal in his back yard to1864 called The Ancestor,


In between (I reinvent myself every 5-7 years) Also was a professional photographer in Orange County for 10 years in the glamour and fashion industry Called Vivid Images Photography (VIP) which is now Vivid Images Productions. another site I have is about Christian Myths

My Living Book is a new concept and brilliant design by my art director. Christ in
a Mystery- A Mystical Approach to Conscious Enlightenment Out of the

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