pascal finette singularity universityPascal Finette (@pfinette) is Fastrack’s Executive Director and Singularity University’s Chair for Entrepreneurship & Open Innovation. He focuses on helping change makers tackle the most intractable problems of our times.

He got started on the net before there was a web browser, founded a series of technology startups, led eBay’s Platform Solutions Group in Europe, launched a consulting firm helping entrepreneurs with their strategy & operations, invested into early-stage tech startups, led Mozilla’s Innovation Lab, created Mozilla’s accelerator program WebFWD, headed up Mozilla’s Office of the Chair and has invested into social impact organizations around the globe at Further he founded the nonprofit organizations Mentor for Good and The Coaching Fellowship; the “GyShiDo” (Get Your S%#& Done) movement and publishes the opinionated newsletter, “The Heretic“, which is read by ten of thousands of change-makers globally. Recently he published “The Heretic – Daily Therapeutics for Entrepreneurs” book.


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In our wide-ranging conversation, we cover many things, including:

  • How Pascal thinks about AI and the future of intelligence
  • The exciting space technology that no one is talking about
  • What happens to nation-states when humanity goes interplanetary
  • How and when genetic engineering will start to impact society
  • Why synthetic biology may in fact be the most exciting industry of our generation
  • How tariffs and NAFTA could affect investment in Canadian startups
  • Why traditional venture capital sucks for true moonshot businesses
  • Why Pascal is doubtful of a Skynet situation
  • Is China’s totalitarian regime a better system

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