Super Bowl 56 (2/13/22) Occult Pre-Game & After Show

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  Super Bowl 56 (2/13/22) Occult Pre-Game & After

  Show Super Bowl 56features the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Rams. This brings the tiger and ram, and their associations, to a large public eye. Although 2022 is the year of the tiger it is the dragon-like beast that empowers the horned god or anti-Christ. Whether he is Aries the ram, Capricorn the goat, or Sagittarius the archer, who is ruled by Jupiter, or Jupiter Ammon, the horned god is everywhere. This archetypical figure is the hunter, like Osiris and Orion. The dog of Osiris is Anubis. The dog of Orion is Canis Major. Sagittarius is also known to the Chinese as the tiger.

With the two teams representing tigers and rams, or horned beasts, it is interesting that we can find beings in powerful demonological lore that represent these two forces. The demon Bauer, for example, has the face of a lion and five legs of a goat. In Chinese myth, the tiger replaces the lion. In the Chinese zodiac, the Cincinnati Bengals were founded in 1967, or the year of the goat. This demon teaches philosophy, is associated directly with Sagittarius, and acts as a guide to souls in the Underworld. Throughout history, the dog, jackal, or wolf, has taken on this responsibility.
Osiris, or Jupiter Ammon, the horned God, is accompanied by the jackal-headed deity named Anubis. This Egyptian god of the Underworld is similar to Charon, the ferryman of Greece. Both are psychopomps, the precise role that Demon Bauer plays. The wolf is also the animal the Greek Zeus or Roman Jupiter. As famous as the stories of judgment from Egypt are, the same stories
were told in Mesoamerica with large cats and dogs. Dogs like Canis Major guide the soul in the afterlife. The day after the Super Bowl is Valentine’s Day. The day of the Super Bowl is Valentine’s Day eve. Between these two days in ancient Rome, a festival known as Lupercalia commenced. Lupercalia is named after the Luperci priests who honored the goat, God Pan. The priests would dip hides of dog, goat, or wolf into blood and playfully smack willing women and crops as part of a fertility and cleansing ritual. The name of the festival is derived from Lupa, the wolf, which was the magical founder of the Roman empire. Lupercalia translates to ‘purify by means of the goat’.

   So far, we have the rams and tigers, and the two combined in the demon Bauer. We have goats, dogs, wolves, and lions. We find that not only is Bauer’s sign is Sagittarius the archer, but this zodiac is Orion or Osiris the hunter, whose dog Canis Major or Anubis follows him loyally to judge the dead. Osiris is part of Ra, or Jupiter Ammon Ra, the horned god. We also have Valentine’s Day Eve and Valentine’s Day, the old Roman festival using dogs, goats, and wolves to purify in the name of the goat; to draw fertile energy from the horned one – as in, being ‘horny’. The other hunter
is Cupid with a bow and arrow. Then we have halftime. While near everybody thinks it’s either pointless entertainment or an Illuminati ritual, there is a middle ground.

   There are five performers. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J Blige, Eminem, and Kendrick Lamar. Dr. Dre and Eminem are known as the greatest of all time, the GOAT. Snoop Dogg, who also goes by Snoop Lion, gives us the DOG and dragon-like beast or tiger. Mary gives us the mother principle, the balance, and the priestess, empress, or goddess. Eminem is known to have three personalities and bring the alter-ego and shadow. Kendrick Lamar brings the psyche or the soul in that of the pimped butterfly. Since the beast empowers the goat, Snoop compliments Dre, Eminem, and Kendrick representing the unsettled ego and soul on the other end of the spectrum, and Mary balances the performance. Dr. Dre, furthermore, as a personification of the goat becomes the demon Azazel. The SOUL (butterfly) in the underworld, the alter-ego or the SHADOW-self, the BALANCING of the soul feather against the heart in ancient Egypt, and the DOG, are all key elements of ancient festivals and rituals pertaining to fertility, purification, and invocation. More specifically, the symbols relate directly and exactly to the Super Bowl itself and its associated elements.
The halftime show is being billed as a return of the ‘rap gods’. Zeus, The Greek version of the Roman Jupiter is also supposed to make an appearance during the Super Bowl in a commercial. Jupiter is the horned beast. Whether the Greek god Cernunnos, Aries, Capricorn, or Sagittarius, these symbols point to the same place. The dog, wolf, and goat, along with the demon Bauer, Sagittarius, and all the relationships between tigers and lions, mixed with the halftime performers, all point to a fertility invocation, purification by the goat, and rituals for the guidance of the soul after death. These are the realms of the dead kings and pharaohs, and royalty, the mummies, or ‘wrapped gods’. The trials of the Underworld require sacrifice, as they do in life, and in order to appease Jupiter, an Ox was killed. 2021 was the year of the Ox, which took us into the year of the tiger.

   All this matters because tens of millions of people tune in to the game, commercials, and halftime show. Companies like Pepsi that sponsor the halftime show, or companies like Budweiser, pay millions of dollars to advertise because of the large viewership. All the people that buy these products, ritually make food, and prepare for parties, are practicing ritual ceremonies, and neglecting to realize the power of these corporate symbols, literally or figuratively, in how they touch the subconscious. Of course, Budweiser wants to sell you beer and Pepsi wants to sell you Pepsi.

   We also know that a few days before the Super Bowl was the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics in China. China gave us poor ratings, lack of food, journalists being pulled off the television during live broadcasts, and athletes being ordered to remove pictures of leaking buildings and the poor quality of the food that was available. We also find that China used an ethnic minority to light the Olympic cauldron, an individual part of a group that the Chinese government is committing genocide against. This shows us that governments use these big events to frame narratives, offer political beliefs, and spread propaganda.

The Super Bowl is used to entertain, distract, fill the stomach with bread, fill the brain with circuses promote corporate logos, network logos, commercials, brands, advertisements, marketing, music, artists, and their brands and symbols, etc., and to promote the two teams and their symbols in the middle of it all. The game will be broadcast on NBC, the peacock, which is associated with
the Phoenix. The Phoenix or the eagle are the enemies of the serpent, often manifest as the goat. With so many people watching, paying attention, and paying for food and streaming services with their money, all of which is currency or energy, there is immense energy that builds. That electricity charges all the symbols and Sigils and underlying subconscious
archetypes. It fills up the Super Bowl with libations to be poured out. The question is, to whom or what do these libations get poured out? The Rams (horned gods) defeated the Bengals (tigers) 23 to 20. As Super Bowl champions, the Rams were honored over the Tigers in the year of the tiger, having been given power by that beast. There were two major Subliminals, and one minor subliminal. The first, ‘it takes all of us’. The Internet of things, Internet technology, or the more common Information Technology seems to make the most sense unless we are talking
about a scary clown. Technology took center stage in commercials. Silverado, General Motors, Kia, and Polestar all aired commercials for electric cars. Wallbox aired a commercial for a safe electric car charger. These bolts of lightning cast to the earth from Zeus were bottled up in the BMW commercial with Zeus and his wife Hera. GMC also debuted a self-driving car.
Robots made an appearance with BMC and Rakutrn, plus a robot dog in the Kia commercial and a Meta commercial. Budnext, Dr. Strange, and MetaQuest2 gave us the meta-verse or multi-verse. A commercial from Salesforce, the ‘new frontier’, suggested that we should take care of what we have before we look to Mars or the meta-verse. Cue Health and Verizon showed off white cubes for health screenings and cable TV. It surely is taking us all. We are being consumed by silicone and graphene. We are being led to believe that everything from our breath to our drive to have families is toxic to the planet.

Amazon Prime suggested in a commercial that the world is terrible and that responsibility and deadlines are such a hassle we should leave it all behind. Uber eats suggested that humans are so stupid they don’t even know what food is when it comes in a bag that says ‘eat’, and Hellmann’s mayonnaise tackled food waste, which is a very severe problem. Alexa suggested that we have to ask artificial intelligence to tell us ‘what’s on my mind’, and Cutwater Spirits just said ‘here’s to the lazy ones’. This is all topped off with cryptocurrency commercials from Coinbase, crypto, eToro, and FTX. Nothing like turning physical currency, or energy, into digital currency energy. This is a wonderful metaphor for the meta-verse and digital sub-reality that we are being brought
into by information technology. We also saw a lion-goat, and several other goats from Disney+, along with a tiger from QuickBooks. The tiger also popped up in a Tiger King advertisement. Showtime displayed a butterfly, which also happened to be a tattoo on one of the athletes shown in close up. Caesar's Sportsbook showed the Egyptian Queen-goddess Cleopatra and Iand a commercial for endgame had the phrase ‘bow to the queen’. The Adam Project teaser showed portals to
somewhere else.

   The movie trailer from Nope was very teasing, showing what could have been a portal, aliens, or something else. eToro showed people levitating as if they were being raptured. All of this shows us that electricity is being used to create new life like Frankenstein‘s monster, the Homunculus, etc. This new life is a new universe, the meta-verse or Metatron‘s cube, which is run by machines. It is brought about by an infertile or alchemical transformation turning organics into a synthetic sub-reality because life is just too hard. Here’s to the lazy! Thank goodness for the Gods that can bring us salvation. The minor subliminal of Arnold Schwarzenegger playing Zeus, or the Terminator playing God, won’t be lost on the keen observer.

Although very subtle, and obviously nostalgic with its focus on rap history and West Coast rap, the halftime show fit the preshow esoteric bill. Dr. Dre begins by turning up the volume with a close-up of a spider tattoo on his hand. The spider is the control system of the web. Artificial intelligence controls the web as does artificial intelligence control the matrix. Dr. Dre brought the world the most classic hip-hop artists, which makes him the grand architect, and a great God like Jupiter or Zeus overseeing the show from Mount Olympus in heaven. As the grand architect or Saturn, we once again have the astrological house in Capricorn the goat that oversees the material world.

Snoop Dogg wore blue and yellow as symbols of the LA Rams and pointed downward with Dr. Dre to a surprise performer: 50 Cent made the surprise appearance as the hangman below heaven in a space lit red. The upside-down hanging man represents entrancement rather than suffering. According to Arthur Edward Wait, “I will say very simply on my part that it expresses the relation, in one of its aspects, between the Divine and the Universe.” He adds that to understand the story of our higher nature is to be provided with the symbols to receive knowledge of the great awakening, and to know that “after the sacred mystery of death there is a glorious mystery of the resurrection.” Mary J Blige appeared, as expected, in silver and white from the above heavenly sphere. Joining 50 Cent below was Kendrick Lamar dressed in black and white with red lighting. He wore three gold symbols on his left breast and a gold cross on his right arm. He performed under a sign that read in the second major subliminal, ‘eve after dark’. This could refer to the fall of man after the eating of the forbidden fruit, or Eve’s dark counterpart, the black Madonna or Lilith. Perhaps the ‘dark eve’ is the dark mother of the meta-verse. Kendrick Lamar‘s dancers also form an eight-pointed star, which is a symbol of spirit. His black clothing could represent the soul in its darkened stage of transmutation. His butterfly past implies this. Eminem appeared last in a black hood like that of the Hermit, the dark side of the soul, or the alter ego – as expected. After a building explodes, he was joined by Dr. Dre and Anderson. Paak, who was on a Kendrick Lamar album called ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’. Both Anderson.Paak and 50 Cent were on a sign as part of the entertainment for the show – the minor or mundane subliminal message. When the three central stages are viewed horizontally or vertically, we have three separate compartments, areas, or components that could be called the ‘three heavens’. These are heaven, hell, and purgatory or limbo. They are also known as the celestial, terrestrial, and Telestial. Some refer to them as heaven, earth, and hell. Others call them Earth, heaven, and the divine kingdom. On the Tree of Life, heaven is the crown of Kether, Earth is the base of Malkuth, and Tiphareth is the point that links that which is above with that which is below. It is in the middle of the astral realm of the moon, Yesod, and Daath, a passage across the abyss. Although there are four worlds derived from the Tree with its 10 Sephiroth and 22 paths, there are three different divisions. The universe itself is generated from three veils. They are Ain (nothing), Ain Soph (limitless), and Ain Soph Aur (limitless light). Interestingly, there were five total structures on the stage, relating to the five middle pillar spheres. Also interestingly, the domain of 50 Cent existed between the upper and lower, the divine and the material universe. The upper stage is obviously Mount Olympus, the domain of the gods like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Mary J. Bilge, and Eminem. 50 Cent performed in what could be interpreted as limbo, simply hanging there upside-down waiting. Kendrick Lamar performed on the large cloth of Los Angeles from aerial satellite view, the earthly plane. With a victory for the Rams, we see the goat, Capricorn, Saturn, the grand architect, Jupiter, the horned god, etc., elevated to a divine status. The libations have been poured out from the Super Bowl and the dragon-like beast of the tiger, through its sacrifice, to the goat which is elevated to divinity. As authors of the material world, and with all of that electricity and currency, or energy, we can only wait to see what will be built as a result of this ritual.

Written by: Ryan Gable

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