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Sonic Fringe

The Youtube Algorithm Gods have been serving up deliciously obscure music recommendations since we wiped our history.  Ready for some weekend Random Fringe ear candy - or just want to shake up your algorithm?  Enjoy our Fringe.FM auditory buffet:   70's Japanese Funk & Soul Ryo Kawasaki My Analog Journal - turns sassy at 51:22 Progressive & Math Rock Polyphia Dream Theater Africa Redux DJ Shinski Miriam Makeba Dreams of […]

todayJanuary 6, 2023 3 2


Isochronic Vibes

Slowly but surely, science is catching up with the spiritual teachings of millennia regarding frequency and vibration. Neuroscience labs are starting to validate what shamans and sages have always known, but from a different angle:  they're more interested in the "what and how" than the more elusive and ethereal "why."  You Know It When You Feel It It's baffling that anyone could doubt the effects of tones and beats.  We […]

todayOctober 19, 2022 23

Maverick Matthews Articles

Fringe FM Presents MINDFIRE

FM Welcomes MINDFIRE With Maverick Matthews MINDFIRE with Maverick Matthews is a new project from the mind of the Artist and Philosopher who brings you the counter-culture, experimental podcast, "Pepper For Your Steak"! MINDFIRE is a wild journey exploring the true life stories from Maverick's past and present, including his decade plus career as a wilderness educator and guide and decade plus career in Hollywood, both in front of and […]

todayOctober 9, 2022 3 8


BHA14.666: Heavy Metal Philosophies (feat. Adam Koch of Silent on 5th Street)

This episode is a bit of a Heavy Metal Special! And that also makes it an opportunity to play some brutal solos and breakdowns courtesy of the metal band, Silent on Fifth Street, of which my friend Adam Koch is the bassist. You can find their music on Youtube, Spotify, and iTunes the easiest and we'll be playing a few samples of tracks here on this show instead of the […]

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