Your support enables us to push for better futures on three frontiers:

  1. Educating the public on risks and rewards of arising technologies
  2. Selectively advancing technologies, trends and research initiatives
  3. Creating a longer term, more abundant narrative for our collective future

Educating the public on risks and rewards of arising technologies

With great power comes great responsibility, and yet the majority are completely unaware of the sweeping changes which are being brought on and will continue to accelerate as exponential technologies advance.

A big part of our work here is bringing to light the technologies which will transfer the world and actively debating the risks and rewards of things like AI, gene editing, clean meat, climate change etc… and having non partisan discussions about the directions and ethics of where we are headed.

Through our efforts we have interviewed some of the world’s top minds (to date about 70% of past guests have been featured on TED or TEDx) and allow them the stage and creative debate environment to explain not just their areas of research and focus but also the tangential technologies and fields advancing as a whole. Our era will be defined by the convergence of exponential technologies. To not discuss the societal implications or refine our views on the future of humanity is a disaster waiting to happen.

Selectively advancing technologies, trends and research initiatives

Many great inventions are never fully realized or fail to create the impact they ought to in the world. Unfortunately scientists and researchers are locked in labs and often struggle with marketing and bringing their creations to the world.

Yet often cutting edge science and technology would greatly impact and improve the world and humanity as a whole, yet it needs a voice.

FringeFM brings the most frontier technologies to the forefront, allowing us to imagine a sci-fi future which is closer than most of us realize. This both brings more interest, investment and talent to the field and also increases the odds of success and impact of the tech.

On FringeFM we’re obsessed with technologies transforming the human condition and life as we know it. As such space, biotech and genetics, AI and alternative economic and political structures are frequently featured on the show.

Impossible is impossible, until you see it done.

Creating a longer term, more abundant narrative for our collective future

Dystopia sells and Hollywood has horrified us about our future. The mass media isn’t much better: “if it bleeds, it leads” and the sky is falling.

Unfortunately this is completely false. We are living in a safer, more prosperous world than at any time in human history. But filter bubbles and clickbait headlines have masked this from society.

At FringeFM we believe long term mindsets = abundance and short term mindsets = scarcity. The entire political and economic structures of today are unfortunately built upon scarcity, yet we are getting closer and closer to an abundant-for-all future.


Our views of the world influence our actions and thus the state of the world. Gandhi said

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

Abundance is that change. A more happy and human-centric future is that change.

This is what we fight for at FringeFM, making the world a better place by shifting our collective mindset. It is a bold and daring undertaking, and we need help. We cannot do it alone.

Please support us in our mission to change the world for the better

If you care about any of the objectives mentioned above, please support our efforts – you are deciding whether or not we can continue and how much of an impact we can make

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FringeFM is fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)3 charity and all donations are fully tax deductible!

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