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10 More MindF***k Horror Movies for Halloween

todayOctober 10, 2022 3

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Last year, I made a list of some of my favorite lesser-known and cosmically-horrific movies. I highly recommend you check that list out too while you’re already looking through this one!

With the last theme being cosmic in one way or another, this will be a list aimed at an existential mindf***k. Maybe there’s a twist at the end, or maybe the twist is just the warped and unique ways of storytelling. But amidst the blood and horror, each one of these hold philosophical and existential themes that will leave you as lost in thought as you are in terror!

Like my last list, THESE MOVIES ARE IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER. But they all made the list for a reason! So smoke a bowl, have a drink, embrace your shadow and enjoy the Halloween season with some healthy philosophical considerations of the darkness in existence.

10. Altered States (1980)

Poster for Altered States

9. Brightburn (2019)

Watch trailer for Brightburn

8. The House That Jack Built (2018)

Watch trailer for The House That Jack Built

7. Creep (2014)

Poster for Creep

6. Goodnight Mommy (2014)

Watch trailer for Goodnight Mommy

5. Black Death (2010)

Poster for Black Death

4. As Above, So Below (2014)

Watch trailer for As Above, So Below


3. Green Room (2015)

Watch trailer for Green Room

2. V/H/S (2012)

Poster for V/H/S

1. I Saw the Devil (2010)

Poster for I Saw the Devil


Written by: Anthony Tyler

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