The Fringe FM was founded upon free speech, The search for the truth, individual expression, and the love of radio! Our goal is to build a massive Fringe Community based on collaboration, love, truth, and the freedom to be a unique individual. 

What We Are Looking For?

The Following Positions We Are Looking For!

check WordPress Site Developer And Upkeep (familiar with wordpress, php, upkeep, taxonomies, categories etc)

check Writers / Journalists ( Post articles for Fringe FM Magazine. Understands SEO and Effective and Compelling Blog Posting)

check Social Media Magagement ( Someone to magage social media posts and come up with creative solutions)

check News Broadcasters / Journalists ( Would need to record at least 5 spots that are 3 minute news recordings a day and edit the audio and meta data)

check Event Coordinator ( Someone to run and manage FRINGE FM events online and local. Big Income Op)

check Partner And Sponsors Manager and Sales Reps ( We need an experienced sales manager that knows how to build a sales team for local areas and online businesess. If you want to help sale advertising or find sponsors for hosts or network but don't want to manage we have training available.)

check Online Audio Engineers (Must be effecient with voicemeeter and online aoip or virtual boards. Also familiar with icecast, shoutcast, api, cloud radio, wowza etc)

check Producers ( Looking for people interested in growing Fringe FM radio shows and podcasts. Would be in charge of show structure, creative ideas, and work with audio engineer and marketing and sales to create successful creative radio shows and podcasts.)

check Publicists ( We need to find a publicist who knows what they are doing and up to date with the times to help get the word out about Fringe FM and its shows

check Donations Manager ( This person would be responsible for making sure the station reaches its funding goals through creative and effective means , A trial period would be required )

check Graphic Artists and Creative Designers (Looking for graphic artists and designers that are very creative, original but can help Fringe FM brand)

check Newsletter Manager ( This person would be responsible for post new outsider newsletters to our subscribers with new and fresh content that is not only compelling but very useful to our listeners)



All work will be compensated in different ways. Consider this a grassroots movement that you could be on the board of a massive company or movement depending on your effort and length of time you are with us!

Writers will get compensated with experience and traffic and being able to say your an official writer or journalist for a popular digital station. We are currently working on a traffic payout system based on clicks and commmisions of each article. 

Donations manager, sales managers, producers, engineers,  and site managers will be compensated as part of operations after a trial period. 


Sure! If you already have an established show and it won’t interfere with the station goals. If you feel you can commit to the station job and your show then… absolutely. If not you would either need to take the coaching and have everything ready to go before you launch your show or purchase a production or show package. 

If you have something else you think you could help with and you think the station really needs it, just email [email protected]

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