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BHA32: Aum Shinrikyo & Ghost Pirates (feat. Martin Ferretti of The Alchemical Mind)

todayJanuary 30, 2023

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For those of that have kept up with the Tippy Patson interviews, my colleague Martin Ferretti and I have a special treat for you! For those that are unaware, Tippy P is a completely and for sure “real” Florida Man that is convinced he has found evidence of American trucker culture throughout time and space, and that the reptilian Illuminati are actually all of the gators that live in the Florida Everglades. Because of this, he and his friend Bayou Jones have set up shop in the Everglades and begun recruiting people to help them save the world from these shapeshifting gators and along the way, Tippy has given us all sorts of strange rabbit holes of consideration. This conversation will be no different! It is the first interview with one of Tippy’s recruits in what they are calling “The League of Extordinary Gentlemen,” and this member’s code-name is Apex Monsoon. This man actually claims to be a “cosmic ghost pirate” that Tippy has trapped within a ship-in-a-bottle. Like a genie. Not sure if this man is mentally ill, too high on drugs, a real cosmic pirate, or maybe all of the above — but Martin fills in for me to try and get to the bottom of this.

As for the majority of the show, it is dedicated to an informal analysis of the Aum Shinrikyo Japanese death cult. Known for their somewhat successful terrorist attack of a Japanese subway in the late 90’s, this MASSIVE cult started out with a man simply pretending he was enlightened, and promising the knowledge of extrasensory powers. By combining Buddhism, apocalyptic Christianity, off-brand Scientological models, leader Shoko Asahara convinced tens of thousands to follow him, and was known by most of Japan as a cheerfully enlightened New Age thinker. Meanwhile, he was literally building off-books chemical weapons factories, equipped with teams of scientists to help him achieve goals that are nothing short of absolute comic-book supervillainy. How did this man convince reasonable and clearly intelligent people to go en-masse down the rabbit hole with him? And how did it culminate in a terrorist attack that rocked the core of Japanese culture and homeland security?

Find out with me this week!

This week’s featured music! Don’t forget to support that black hoodie rap and all your favorite independent artists:

The Gates of Babylon – Babylon Warchild 

Old Heroes Grave – The LIberators

Shards – Negative Blast

Chains (feat. Lay Low) – Legitimate x Rex Seshuns

Souled Out – Doc Hammer

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Written by: Anthony Tyler

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