BHA39: Sleep Paralysis, Siren Songs & Dream Entities

todayMarch 21, 2023

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This week, we get back to our roots some more. Considering science, mysticism, and folklore all at once, we dive down the rabbit holes of dream phenomena and the entities people encounter during them, including the shadow people of sleep paralysis and even the classical Greek mythology of the siren.

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Little known today, the siren was considered a common dream entity thousands of years ago, said to be something like the total opposite of a sleep-paralysis shadow person — instead of something ghastly and petrifying, the siren was something so sweet and full of promise that no one was to ever question the sentiments that would surely cast them overboard. And unfortunately, the siren song’s function is always to lure overboard.

People encounter all sorts of different, even recurring and deeply archetypal characters in their dreams, and more often than not they find that they have no control over these characters to begin with. Traditions around the world have long since considered dreams to be extremely important in varying degrees, some groups stating that these characters are just as real as the people in your everyday life, and some even saying that these dreams are in ways more important than your everyday life! Well what would Carl Jung say about all this? As it turns out, he said quite a bit about these exact sentiments of dreams and sentience, and after all, questions like this are what drive Philip K. Dick’s stories like “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” We’ll take a look at Jung’s thoughts on the subject more throughout the episode.

There is a great deal of science out there describing the structures and functions of sleeping, dreaming, and even things like sleep paralysis, yet despite all this, we still find that dream phenomena is a giant cornerstone in the mindset of modern mysticism, just as it ever was. Even with all our rationalizations and empirical studies that have helped us gain info, we’re no closer to resolutely solving the mysteries of the dream world — and this is what we are here to sift through in this episode! Let’s consider the details that modern mainstream science has glossed over, do some empirical digging through the science and the history, and see how much we can get to the bottom of this.

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Written by: Anthony Tyler

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