BHA51: Steve Berg of ‘Drunk History’ Meets ‘Former Illuminati Cloning Lab Manager’ Jefferson T

todayJune 26, 2023

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For a very special episode, comedic actor and writer Steve Berg joins the program! For those that aren’t familiar with Steve’s name, you’re very likely to recognize his face, as he’s guested on many popular shows like New Girl, The Goldbergs, Drunk History, Adventure Time, Bob’s Burgers and more! He’s also played supporting comedic roles in popular movies like TAG, and even a small part in Olivia Wilde’s movie, Don’t Worry Darling.
All that, and Steve is as warm and genuine as a good friend that you’ve grown up with! And not only was he easy to get along with, but he was also far more insightful than some people might give a comedian credit for. Alas, I actually spent so much time talking to Steve before hitting record that I was unable to remain for the actual podcast… Luckily, I was able to get my strange acquaintance, codename: Jefferson Tillamookslinger (a “former Illuminati cloning lab manager”) on the call with Steve.
Their conversation includes things like: whether or not Steve is in the CIA and/or Illuminati, the humble beginnings of Steve’s acting career in Aunt Maybelle Productions, Hollywood Cloning-Couches, Bob’s Burgers, Henry Rollins, unexplainable phenomena like UFOs and raining sky-meat, Steve’s new show Hi Strangeness and so much more.
And to catch everyone up briefly, Jefferson is indeed a man that claims to be a former Illuminati cloning lab manager that has since defected, so that he could join a redneck named Tippy Patson in the Everglades. He and several other dudes have been sweating it out in the Everglades for several months now, taking heavy doses of all kinds of drugs and attempting to save the world from the alligators around them that they perceive to be the Illuminati shape-shifting reptiles of conspiracy-lore. This is the basic gist — they are too dumb to be a cult or militia, but too organized to just be average swamp people.
Some of their beliefs and schemes include but are not limited to: deciphering the Book of Revelations through animal scat; bathing in urine to talk to angels; attempting to telepathically communicate with dolphins, gators, and other animals; making poorly-crafted alcohols, tarot decks, instructional VHS tapes, and so much more.
With Tippy Patson as their leader, the codenames of the men in this group are: Jefferson Tillamookslinger, Apex Monsoon, Silverback Commando, Muscle Tornado, and Bayou Jones. Thanks again to Steve for coming on the show! It was an absolute blast, and I’m glad we could make it happen.
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Written by: Anthony Tyler

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