BHA60: The Evolution of God & Goddess

todayAugust 28, 2023 1

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Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy, where we’re getting into the juxtaposition of concepts like “God” and “evolution”. This episode is a little bit of a follow-up to episodes 58, 48, 24, 16, 15, and 4 among others. You certainly don’t have to listen to those episodes to enjoy this one, but it will help provide additional context — especially if you’re looking for more food for thought along these lines!

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Considering a variety of concepts such as archetypes, memetics, chaos theory, adaptation, and the mystical experience, we consider the idea of “the image of god and goddess” evolving alongside humankind. While psychology can’t explain everything, it truly helps us lay insightful framework in the psyche and therefore the unconscious mind. By its nature, the unconscious mind not only holds the information about ourselves that we are not readily accessing, it also holds the information about the environment that we are sensing but not readily accessing. Intuition, the strange systems we find in our dreams, and our propulsion and repulsion towards certain symbols are all aspects of this unconscious mind finding chances to wink at us from behind the veil.

But here is where so many open-minded people divide themselves: is it all in the unconscious mind, or is the unconscious mind a reservoir for or coalescence with cosmic forces of nature beyond our understanding?

Well no one is going to be able to answer that for you, but there is good news. Both of these avenues can at least be investigated through the same use of “occam’s razor”; that is to say, by following the way that humans have interacted with their “images of divinity” throughout history, we will always gain the greatest insight.

It would appear that comparative religion is a collected memetic network of archetypes that humanity has used to climb its way up the evolutionary ladder. Many scientists have clearly stated the fact that through our psychological adaptations, we were able to bypass untold thousands of years of evolution through mere exchanges of symbols.

With all that said, what is your relationship to “the image of god and goddess”? The thing is: whether you believe in any of it or not, most humans throughout history did and do believe in them — and that not only affects you psychologically, but it has affected you genetically. It is imbedded in the very nature of our human evolution, and the sooner we all understand this, the sooner we will begin to understand our genuine relationships to the divine.

It’s easier said than done, of course. But it’s all part of the Work.


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Written by: Anthony Tyler

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