BHA64: Philip K Dick’s Sci-Fi Mysticism / Elvis the King of Occultism (feat. Miguel Conner of ‘Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio’)

todayOctober 1, 2023 7

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This week on the show I’m pleased to have the return of a true veteran in the game, Miguel Conner of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio! If you don’t know who he is, Miguel is a Gnostic student and researcher, author and artist, and he just so happens to be working on a new book that is really going to bust some heads open when it comes out next year.

You can listen to it right here or wherever you stream your podcast action!

For a solid two-thirds of the show, I pick Miguel’s brain about the legendary sci-fi author and philosopher, Philip K Dick. With his work fueling iconic movies like Blade Runner, Dick was not only a prolific author, but a deeply mystical person with a great deal of sorrow that he was trying to work through. Dick was very much a man that seemed to be consistently overcome with turmoil, some of that stemming from the very beginning of his life.

But the true beauty and alchemy of Dick’s work is that he never let the turmoil overtake him; rather, it sent him on a trajectory to the top of science fiction, even predicting a great deal of the technological and societal trends that have fully taken hold of our world today. And beyond that even still, he spoke of tutelary spirits, existential crises, predictions of family illnesses, the channeling of some of his science fiction works, and so so so much more — all while maintaining an astonishingly healthy ego and skepticism throughout. PKD is a reigning champion of modern philosophy and art for many reasons, and while he was a bit crazy in the traditional sense, he tends to remind us why a label like ‘crazy in the traditional sense’ can lead us to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

For the last third of the show, Miguel tells us about his upcoming book, an expose’ about Elvis Presley’s documented interest in and practice of occultism in a variety of ways! That’s right — the ‘King of Rock’ was known to have UFO experiences, practice yoga and reiki, meditation, ceremonial magick, and was known to be fascinated with esoteric philosophers like Manly P. Hall and Helena Blavatsky! Despite describing himself as more of a Johnny Cash guy than an Elvis guy, Miguel found the story of the ‘King of Rock’ extremely interesting and it’s a bit of a shocker that this isn’t more well known! Because let me reiterate the fact that it’s all surprisingly well documented.

Lots to learn about this week! We hope you dig it.


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The Countown – Babylon Warchild

Realities – String Theory (Hex One x BBZ Darney)

Way It Used to Be – Tribesmen x Arkeologists

Hunger Pains – Babylon Warchild


Written by: Anthony Tyler

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