BHA75: Alaskan High Strangeness to Every Degree (feat. Jessie Desmond of MUFON)

todayJanuary 14, 2024 3

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This week on Black Hoodie Alchemy, I’m joined by special guest, Jessie Desmond! As former director of MUFON in Alaska, lifelong Alaskan resident, UFO historian, Sasquatch hunter, and overall Fortean investigator, Jessie has several books released, competes in bodybuilding in her spare time, and has several other projects and interest that we discuss.

You can check out the episode right here or wherever you stream your podcast action.

It is highly encouraged that you check out episode 73 about some Alaskan weirdness that we get into more here!

Among the topics of high strangeness at hand, we get into all the UFO and Sasquatch action, but we also get into more investigations of the Dark Pyramid of Alaska, the Alaska Triangle (similar to the one in Bermuda), HAARP, paranormal activity, mysterious cattle mutilations, reports of Alaskan vampires, and even a discussion of the non-Alaskan alchemist, Count St. Germain!

Not only do we discuss reports of all these things, but we also get into the theories on why they might be happening, and why Jessie finds them so interesting. Heavy X-Files vibes in this episode!

We hope you dig it.

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Jessie Desmond’s website

Saucers of the North: A History of UFOs in Alaska Airspace

Ultramodern Future

Jessie on Twitter

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In the Paint – Towercity

No Pain No Gain – Towercity

Chancers Are – The Liberators

Inifinity – Epidemic x Jesse James


Written by: Anthony Tyler

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