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Fringe Late night syndication radio programming


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The all-new Fringe Late Night syndicates two of the fastest-growing show hosts in late-night broadcasting-  packaged into a 4-hour format to keep audiences engaged 5 nights a week! Hosts Joe Rupe and Michael Strange combine their curiosity and knowledge to deep dive into current events, history, science, the paranormal, politics, and fringe topics. Their passion for understanding the mysteries of the universe and the truths behind the current climate of the world has gained them an expansive audience of loyal listeners.

Fringe Late night syndication radio programming

Meet the hosts

Michael Strange

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched? Do you trust the government? Are aliens real? Is time travel possible? Will artificial intelligence actually take over the Earth? Do ghosts actually exist? Is Bigfoot real or just media hype? Are all UFO reports falsified? Host Michael Strange covers these questions and more on Troubled Minds radio. His blend of current news, strange discoveries and expert insight keeps the phone lines busy and listeners on the edge of their seats. (2 Hour Segment)

Joe Rupe

Joe Rupe is the host of the live late night show Lighting The Void which airs 5 nights a week, as well as owner and executive of the Fringe.FM network. After a series of out of body experiences and an esoteric curiosity that led him to studying and practicing the western mystery traditions he is now heard frequently on his show and as a guest on other shows discussing science, psychology, consciousness, universal mysteries, sacred sexuality, and Astral Travel. Joe continues to his mission to empower people to become explorers of consciousness which he believes will be the key to our evolution and the betterment of the planet. He has a fast growing and loyal audience curious to explore consciousness in a practical way and discover the hidden mysteries and potential of humanity. (2 Hour Segment)


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