Maples, Mushrooms & Oaks

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Trees talk, and those close to the earth have known this for lifetimes upon lifetimes.

Science is listening now too.

Bushcraft & Shrooms

Shift Happens (here on the Fringe!) recently interviewed a bushcrafter and psychonaut who, like Thoreau, left the rat race to live in the woods.  Towards the end of the show, he shares his thoughts on trees, mushrooms, and more.  

Episode 265:

Spinning Vinyl and Macrame

In the 70’s, Pet Rocks and Plant Talk became laughable fads.  The first was silly fun, but the second was mocked as sky-high hippie blather.    

Then the 1976 album “Plantasia”came out on vinyl.  It was and still is a cult favorite.  Check out this blast of pure 70’s green goodness:

Green Web

We’re just  beginning to understand the reality of plant intelligence and signaling.  Several research teams have published evidence of seemingly sentient communication; more research is underway:  


Sentient Roots

Pscyhonauts and shamans know sacred plants and fungi give of themselves to grant us insight.  If you’ve experienced plant medicine, you’ll instinctively extend gratitude long after your trip has ended. 

We now know for sure that they talk to each other via a massive green internet that predates our electronic one by millenia. 

Knowing that, could the discovery of plant consciousness be far behind? 

Sources & Links:

Shift Happens

Thoreau’s Walden – FREE BOOK

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