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Hermetics And The Golden Dawn

micAnthony TylertodaySeptember 22, 2022 3

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    Hermetics And The Golden Dawn Anthony Tyler

For one of the most esoteric episodes I’ve done so far, Joe Rupe joins me again and we talk about magick, alchemy, Hermeticism, and the Order of the Golden Dawn. We go through many different areas of discussion here, like why Hermeticism isn’t a religion, where it came from historically, why alchemists were trying to turn lead into gold, what the most recommended reading is, and what exactly the Golden Dawn is all about. Boasting some scholarly esoteric names like Aleister Crowley, Israel Regardie, and Oscar Wilde, Joe is also a member of the Order and helps shed light on this mysterious secret society, its workings, and its practices. Is it Illuminati-official, are they sacrificing babies in the name of Satan, or is it yet just another human philosophy out there aimed at transcendentalism? And what does all this mean in the modern era?

This week’s featured music — support that underground black hoodie rap and your favorite independent artists!

Intro – Hex One

Autumn State of Mind – Umang

The Gates of Babylon – Babylon Warchild

Bollywood Boulevard – Unknown Mizery & the Arkeologists

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