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Dr. Glen Livingston, Defeat Your Food Cravings

micTim JamestodaySeptember 23, 2022 1

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    Dr. Glen Livingston, Defeat Your Food Cravings Tim James

Hello Health Heroes! You are going to love this interview with Dr. Glen Livingston as we dive into how different parts of our brain can control our eating habits.

Dr Livingston was almost 300 pounds with many skin issues and now he has been able to lose the weight and keep it off for years.

He gives us his 40 years of study on this subject and more importantly gives us his insights and strategies that have worked for himself and his coaching students.

As adults we must recognize this is a HUGE problem that has now trickled down to our children making them sick and creating emotional damage.

I know that you will love his message and with so many people out there suffering from chronic weight gain this information is timely.

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Coach Tim.

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