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Dr. Keith Moellar, Why Nano Silver Should Be In Every Home Worldwide

micTim JamestodaySeptember 23, 2022

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    Dr. Keith Moellar, Why Nano Silver Should Be In Every Home Worldwide Tim James

Episode 169 – Health Heroes!  The last twelve years of my life have been a constant search for the best of everything that could boost my immune system and open my mind to a happier way of living. As a health coach I have  discovered that yeast, mold and fungus are really causing a tremendous amount of suffering and they are very difficult in many cases to get back into proper balance in the body once the immune system has dropped. Then I met Dr. Keith Moellar and was blown away by his knowledge and his product formulations made from a specialized nano silver. There are so many uses for nano silver that it’s a little difficult in the beginning to believe how good this stuff really is.

In the polluted, deficient world we live in, nano silver has the power to bring us back into balance. I hope that after you listen to this episode you will try it out first hand and use the book Dr. Moellar wrote as your handbook for how to use and apply nano silver to your life for whatever issues you are facing. It’s literally like a swiss army knife for health. Thank you for listening, please subscribe and share this podcast if you like the content and think it could benefit someone you know. Love & Light -Coach Tim. To grab your copy of Dr. Keith Moellar’s Book “SILVER, Nature’s Natural Healer” CLICK HERE



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