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Note: This article was originally published the day before Election Day, but the Florida hurricanes beat the heck out of our servers.  We lost some stories, but this one SWUNG back into our inboxes (pun absolutely intended).  Enjoy!

Texas and Utah are considered to be deeply religious and conservative states.

They’re also surprisingly…kinky.


The Lifestyle

Swinging, or “The Lifestyle,” is adults gettin’ together and gettin’ busy.  From ancient Roman orgies to the heyday of Plato’s Retreat and similar clubs in the 70’s and 80’s, humans are always down to get dirty.

Before the internet, playmates found each other through print ads.  Here’s a mildly NSFW compilation with some absolutely legendary vintage ads:

Uptight Delight?

Earlier this year, Texas Monthly published a juicy tale of the popularity of swing:

In Utah, tongues wagged after the SLC “soft swinging” lifestyle was spread wide open via Mormon Mom TikTok (aka MomTok):

Au Naturel

Bacchannals are nothing new , but sometimes they go out of style.  Since the 80’s are back (mullets, anyone?), maybe it’s no surprise that swing is making a comeback? 

It seems like we’re seeing a return to the “natural” to counteract and balance the virtual.  Who knows, maybe guys will bring back Burt Reynolds’ impressively hirsute full-on bush.  

Dogging on Kink

Look, we’re all adults here, right?  Consenting adults can do what they want, as long as they don’t harm others (pro tip: safe word!).

On one hand, it’s a shame that many of these swingers were outed without their permission.  On the other, it’s not really cool to dog on kink in public, then get it on in private. 

It’s absurd that in 2022, many people still pretend that humans don’t have sexy parties.  None of us would be here without generations of shagging.

Fet folks have been saying this for years: grow up, come out of the kink closet, and get on with the party, folks.  And if it’s not your jam, no one is going to force you to a key party.

Oh, and Happy Erection…err, Election…Day tomorrow.  

Feeling Dirty?

If this article left you feeling a little sinful and in need of punishment, she can help:


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