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Beginners Guide To Magick Recommended Reading

todayMarch 18, 2023 8

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What are some good books for beginners to learn ceremonial magick?

 For some time now people have asked me what I recommend or do I have a recommended reading list for anyone to begin magick practice or study. If you are referring to the traditional style of magick then I absolutely do!

First I recommend Lyam Thomas Christophers Magick Kaballah and The Great Work of Self Transformation. This was my study guide and a go-to for magick work.
Why This Book?

  • Written like a school textbook and instruction manual
  • gives you other recommended readings through your magick process
  • an actual step-by-step course in ceremonial magick with homework and daily practices
  • also comes with a story of unfoldment through each grade helping you unlock deeper understandings
begginers magick book
Second I recommend Israel Regardies The Complete Golden Dawn for let’s say an encyclopedia or massive reference material.

Why This Book?

  • Shows the first revealed teachings of magick and its rituals
  • a reference guide to the entire system
  • detailed instructions and methods
  • it’s a must-have for any serious ceremonial magician
 I myself am always looking for the most traditional forms of ceremony and I believe David Griffins Ritual Magick Manual to be just that.  It has the entire system of magick, its symbols, its correspondences, and instructions all in manual form. If you could add this one to your collection it would be well worth it.

Why This Book?

  • Has Egyptian versions of the Golden Dawn Rituals
  • Every symbol, graph, and correspondence is here
  • in simple manual form with massively detailed instructions
  • Even further information, rituals and correspondences not revealed in the Regardie material
 I can confidently recommend all three of these books as a start.  I am sure there are some that would disagree with me about the last two. I think it’s important that one understands the entire system and what they are getting into. Using Lyams book as a guide or school book and using the other two as a reference for proper symbols, methods, and more.  If you ask me personally how I went about it, I would tell you I used these three books.  I am partial to the Egyptian methods of ritual in David’s book as far as how to perform them. I used Regardies book for study and as a reference to understanding the processes and mechanisms of ritual magick.
 For anyone needing further assistance or guidance doing the basic rituals in the beginning I have developed some voice-guided pathworking that can help at my members’ site.
These guided path working focus on the magickal and magnificent power of your mind and visualization to develop your astral senses and awareness and instruction you in the first stages of the ceremony. They are safe and there are several different versions if you are a bit shy about the original methods including, Latin, Greek, Egyptian and Shamanic versions.  If you listen to Lighting The Void I am sure you have heard me mention this on occasion.  You can check them out here and sign up with your email and get the art of relaxation guided audios for free to try out.  Stay tuned to The Deep Void for more audio and path workings.

Why These Audios?

  • Includes the basic rituals of the Golden Dawn
  • Different versions of each ritual voice instructed
  • helps train your astral senses and magickal eye which is essential in magick
  • Doesn’t jump around and keeps the first stages of magick simple
  • Lets you practice magick without a ritual space if you do not have the privacy
  • Designed to increase your astral body awareness and OBE experiences
  • Increases your ability to Relax.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Increases your ability to focus and maintain visualization
The more you can increase your subtle energy, relaxation, balanced breathwork, focus, and discipline in these practices the greater the rewards will be in your life and your spiritual journey.  Doing these practices will get you practical spiritual results. In a world where we are bombarded with intellectual stimulation, we need all the help we can get to do the practical work and stay focused.
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Written by: Joe Rupe

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