Cosmic Ghost Pirate Sells “Quality” Intoxicants & Tarot Decks

todayJune 26, 2023

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Black Hoodie Alchemy’s resident cosmic ghost pirate, codename: Apex Monsoon, is here to share with you some fine crafted goods and services! Everything from toiletries, to intoxicants, to your occult accessory needs — he’s got you covered.

You can watch the brief video right here!

For those unaware, Apex Monsoon is indeed a human man that was once a pirate, whom, upon dying and becoming a ghost, was thrust into a Quantum Leap-type situation throughout the dimensions, planets, and infinite cosmos at random, always finding himself haunting a new pirate ship. This time around in his ghost-pirate-quantum-leaping, he found himself haunting a tiny ship-in-a-bottle on the desk of Tippy Patson’s shack in the Everglades! And Tippy Patson is of course the Redneck Mystic Extraordinaire and leader of The League of Extordniary Gents! Since then, he’s been mostly trying to prove how impressive he is by crafting a variety of fine goods, all of which don’t seem to be selling.

For more of Apex Monsoon and The League of Extordniary Gentlemen, check out Black Hoodie Alchemy episodes 14, 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, 38, and 43!


Written by: Anthony Tyler

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