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From the Black Hoodie Alchemy Podcast comes our latest sponsor: SPACE LAWYERS. What are these trained professionals doing in space and what exactly do they litigate? Watch this informative commercial video to understand everything about them, including what they’re good for and how to hire them! For more Space Lawyers, check out Black Hoodie Alchemy 60, and skim through the rest of the back catalogue for all sorts of philosophy, […]

todayAugust 24, 2023


Cosmic Ghost Pirate Sells “Quality” Intoxicants & Tarot Decks

Black Hoodie Alchemy’s resident cosmic ghost pirate, codename: Apex Monsoon, is here to share with you some fine crafted goods and services! Everything from toiletries, to intoxicants, to your occult accessory needs — he’s got you covered. You can watch the brief video right here! For those unaware, Apex Monsoon is indeed a human man that was once a pirate, whom, upon dying and becoming a ghost, was thrust into […]

todayJune 26, 2023


A Very Spiritual Message from Dr. Silverback Commando, MD

Black Hoodie Alchemy's resident dolphin whisperer, Dr. Silverback Commando, MD is here to give you some special insights from his notebook of meditations. Watch the brief video of this very special Spiritual Message from Dr. Silverback Commando right here! For those unaware, Silverback Commando is the codename of a 70 year old man that stays constantly dosed on LSD, reads the Hustler Magazine interview with Dr. John Lily every morning, […]

todayJune 21, 2023

Anthony Tyler Articles

BHA30: The Return of Tippy P – Redneck Mystic Extraordinaire (feat. Joe Rupe of Lighting the Void)

For the final episode of 2022, I am pleased to announce that both Joe Rupe and Tippy Patson are back! If you missed Tippy's last appearance on Episode #14 of Black Hoodie Alchemy, he's a strange yet affable redneck from Defuniak Springs, Florida that is absolutely and totally a real person.   You can listen to Episode #30 right here!   He and his cohorts (a group of rednecks that […]

todayDecember 12, 2022 3


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