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What About Dreams The Beginning By David J.

todayMay 21, 2018 1

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Daydreams and sleeping dreams are stories from our internal reality, as if sparks of light escaping from a fire within. Daydreams, though they come from the same source, are typically a bit distant and subdued, while dreams we experience during sleep can be entirely immersive. The illusory nature of the dream that seems clear and obvious in waking life, is washed away by the overwhelming realness of the dream experience. Everything is real and if it seems out of place, our logic is ready and waiting to supply the most absurd explanations as to why the dream is the way it is. It seems every available resource is brought to bear in the production of our dream theatre.

Here we find ourselves; in the midst of an ocean of sights, sounds, feelings, emotions, smells, tastes and some experiences outside the boundaries of our waking life senses. Where do we go from here? Is there any reason to leave? Well there are many ways, perhaps innumerable, however I will endeavor to show the ways I have learned and am continuing to learn, through this blog and website.

The one principle or way that I have found thus far on this journey of dreams, is that of awareness. It’s a subject and idea that encompasses all of reality. It is easy to get distracted by ideologies and philosophies about awareness. Yet we can also focus on its specific functions in such a way as to construct practical applications for a personal dream practice. This is my goal and I hope to help others who share similar goals. For those who want to listen to their dreams, who want to work with them, this is the beginning.



Written by: Joe Rupe

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