The Incredible Impact of the FRINGE FM on our Lives

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This is an homage to the radio station which has given so much to us, THE FRINGE FM.

Here, I will discuss the various ways in which the station positively impacts our lives; and while there may be uncountable ways in which it does so, I have chosen the main aspects that have had the greatest impact on me as a FRINGE FM listener. Thus, rather than attempting to speak for all of the people who are inspired, impacted, and moved by THE FRINGE FM, I will be sharing my own experience in hopes that it resonates with what other listeners feel by being part of
such a transcendental station.


There’s a certain kind of excitement and joy that emanates from us when tuning into the station. It’s a sensation that can be compared to playing and exploring the world as kids. This kind of feeling is not easily brought on by many activities, but only those which allow for freedom, uninhibition, interest, joyfulness, and aliveness. In other words, passion. This is one of the things that keep us wanting to listen to THE FRINGE FM as well as to keep exploring with vast curiosity topics which are majorly overlooked in the mainstream world. We are passionate about what is discussed on the station and to be a part of it given that, as listeners, we know we’re not merely listening to any radio station but to the radio station which prides itself in and advocates to explore and talk about what many others don’t. This has a much bigger impact and significance than we may be aware of. This is because as listeners, we become advocates ourselves to speak up, learn, practice, and investigate what others are reluctant to. Similarly, it is of utmost importance to note that the childlike nature of our curiosity and wonder is to be recognized, cherished, and protected. This is due to the fact that, as we grow older, past experiences and society can strive to take away such kind of curiosity from us. A kind of curiosity that is unique and crucial to our self-growth and exploration of what we perceive as reality. Thus, as FRINGE FM listeners, it’s our duty to keep such curiosity alive and to instill it in future generations; as well as in those who may be presently ready and open to harboring such a fundamental tool in their lives.


As human beings, we long to feel understood, supported, and connected to others. Especially in regard to the things we’re most passionate about. And while some people are able to experience such connection with and support from people in their lives, it’s not always the case for everyone. This is why it’s so transcendental when we do find a place where we can feel understood, connected, informed, and appreciated about what matters. That place, for many of us, is THE FRINGE FM. Throughout my journey as a FRINGE FM listener, I’ve always been amazed at how listeners create bonds, friendships, and connections with each other through the station. This is why it’s important to recognize the various ways in which such an event takes place and how listeners are able to create a sense of connection with one another. One of the ways in which this takes place is by listening to people who call into a show. This is because when a person calls in in order to speak their mind, they’re shedding some light on who they are as a person. Radio listeners get a glimpse into what interests, concerns, thoughts, beliefs, even humor type does the person who called in may have (especially when they are frequent callers). But more importantly, even when a caller has only called in once into a show, the information that such person shares could have a great impact on a listener who lives on the other side of the world and who’s listening to this person’s voice, opinions, and experiences for the very first time. Consequently, without even knowing it, a listener is able to feel a connection to a caller who they have never met in their life, but whose thoughts and experiences resonate deeply with them.
Another way in which a sense of connection takes place through THE FRINGE FM is by recognizing the importance of being aware of the fact that there are other people interested in listening to the same station or program we love. This sense of awareness opens our minds to recognize that we are not ever alone whenever we tune in to one of the station’s shows. And
so, by being mindful about this, we are more able to recognize that there is a myriad of realities happening in the world at the same time as ours at all times. Some of these realities are similar to ours in regard to people going through similar struggles and emotions as well as joys and interests. But even when other people’s realities are not very similar to ours, by simply
recognizing their existence, we are able to feel a sense of company by realizing that there’s most probably someone else out there who is also interested in and being impacted by a show we love to listen to. Now, while these modes of indirect connection between listeners are greatly impactful, there are also more direct ways in which such connections and friendships take place between listeners. One of these ways is THE FRINGE FM’S Discord chatroom.

The chatroom is a place where listeners can discuss important information, their thoughts, theories, and interests with one another. But perhaps even more importantly, it allows them to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals by getting to express themselves as well as know each other in a more in-depth way.

One of the chatroom’s characteristics that have impressed me the most is THE FRINGE FM listeners’ and hosts’ ability to fill the chat’s environment with such warmth and comradery. This can be constantly observed by noting how people feel safe enough to participate in the chat for fun and learning as well as in order to find encouragement and support from each other. When interacting with other FRINGE FM listeners and hosts in the chatroom, it’s clear to see
that, despite having different upbringings or life stories, we are all fundamentally looking for the same answers and information, and thus we are all more similar to one another than we may be aware of.
This leads me to think that perhaps one of THE FRINGE FM’s missions is to be a platform with which to connect us to valuable connections, friendships, and a kind of family which we were always meant to meet in order to learn about our world, each other, and ourselves.


Sometimes society seems to think our interests and beliefs are too unconventional and thus, doesn’t want to listen to what we have to say. Perhaps even to the point of discrediting our experiences due to their unconventionality. As human beings, we yearn to feel like our thoughts and interests are recognized and taken with the same seriousness that we take them ourselves. Whether it’s a paranormal experience which we’ve never been able to explain, and which has completely changed our perception of reality and life, or when having strong beliefs about a certain ‘conspiracy’ theory, to want to share our wisdom on the techniques and
tools which we have personally acquired in order to find alignment and peace of mind in our lives. This is why having the ability to be connected to a source such as THE FRINGE gives people a place to share and acknowledge their beliefs, paranormal experiences, perceptions of reality, as well as concerns for the way society works. And so, one could say this is a blessing. A radio station not only acts as a source of information but also plays a ‘listener’ role by paying attention to the station’s listeners’ experiences. One which treats them as active parts of the information being discussed and shared rather than as mere spectators to a show.


Another thing I greatly value about THE FRINGE FM radio is that it makes us pay attention and receive information by only using our sense of hearing. This is because given the prevalence and over saturation of visual media in the present era, it feels sort of mystical to absorb information and knowledge in a medium that was and always will be revolutionary and a  magnificent milestone in communication, information, and entertainment for humankind. With this being said, I believe it’s crucial to recognize the importance of the information being discussed on the station. This is because it is the great quality of the deep conversations and
discussions as well as the non-mainstream topics that make up THE FRINGE FM’S shows which keep listeners interested and connected to the station and to one another. There’s no need for big and fancy visual effects to accompany the voices of those who run the shows in order to convey a meaning or to retain interest from an audience. FRINGE FM’S conversations are controversial, informative, in-depth, inclusive with their listeners, open-minded, and transcendental. Thus, every time we tune in to one of the station’s shows, we are receiving a gift of rare information which is to be appreciated since we’re one of the lucky ones who have discovered THE FRINGE FM’S existence. This makes me realize how important it is to spread the word about the station. This is due to the fact that there are so many individuals who are also looking to explore the topics that we’re fascinated by on THE FRINGE FM, haven’t had the chance to be part of the valuable information that is discussed on the station. But what is even more intriguing is that perhaps when they do
finally, tune in, they’ll be able to experience the knowledge, conversations, and connections they’ve been longing for their whole lives.

So FRINGE FM Radio, thank you for everything you’ve given and continue to give to humankind and our souls. I’m looking forward to what incredible things we’ll be exploring and discovering next on our journey as a proud FRINGE FM community.

Written by: Alexandra Vergara


Written by: Joe Rupe

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