Cutting The Cords That Bind

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Cleansing your auric field of these ties is important, and you can do it yourself using your mind through visualizations and focus. Remove the energy vampires that feed on you and get rid of the roadblocks they set up to stop you from letting go and moving on along on your path.

Make this practice of cord-cutting a consistent habit to remove that which doesn’t serve you, your highest good, or help to push you forward towards your goals. This technique can be done while taking a cleansing spiritual bath, or as part of a visualization ritual.

The choice is yours.

I use both techniques, but taking a purifying bath before doing any kind of energy work is highly recommended. It gives you a clean slate and brings a freshness to your working, with no mundane nonsense to distract or take away from your focus.

Before you begin this working, there are a few things you need to work out:


“Sacred” here means somewhere that is set aside for your workings, a location where only metaphysical things are done. Dedicating and using an area solely for this is important, it makes “raising energy” an almost automatic reflex in your mind when you cross the threshold and step inside.

This is also important as doing energy work in a safe, protected space where you feel comfortable will allow you to fully immerse yourself into the visualizations.

If you answered yes, you already have a sacred space created, skip to the next step. There’s nothing for you to do here. If not, that’s OK. Create one. Now. Today. It can be outside, inside, in a corner of a room, next to the winter coats in the closet, over there on top of the table next to the stairs or outside next to the doghouse under the pine tree.

Where it is doesn’t matter, nor does it matter what it looks like. This place is yours, make it whatever your heart desires.

Designate this space as where you practice.

Tell your mind this space is special and only for special things. When you step into this space, a switch should flip in your mind from thoughts about the mundane (like doing the laundry or cleaning the kitchen) to metaphysical thoughts: you’re doing work now, it’s time to focus yours on what you’re about to do.


If yes, as before, move along. You’re all set. If no, you have some prep work to do beforehand. This exercise is beneficial for everyone to practice, as it gets you used to the feeling of raising and moving energy around your body. Here’s what to do:

Sit in a comfortable position

In your brand new sacred space, sit and hold your hands a little ways apart, palms facing in, positioned in front of your sternum but not touching.

Close your eyes.

Clear your mind of those random thoughts. Empty your visual cache so your vision goes to black.

Visualize a glowing pink dot of pulsing energy deep within your chest.

See the love you feel for your family, your friends, your pet llama, for anything and everything you care about in your world.

Think of how that love feels when you remember those things.

Focus those feelings on filling that pink point in your chest. In your mind’s eye, see each breath feeding pink energy into the pink pinpoint, so it inflates bigger and bigger, blowing up like a balloon.

Direct every loving memory onto that pink dot.

Allow the entirety your love to expand so quickly it spills from your heart chakra and fills in your chest in seconds. Your chest is so full it’s overflowing, pink energy is pouring down your arms and through your fingers out into space you’re holding open between your hands.

As the energy flows into that open space it forms into an electric pink sphere.

This energetic pink ball grows and grows in size as the love you’re sending to it builds and builds until it’s so big you’re holding it like a beach ball.

Cut off the flow of love from your heart chakra. 

See your energy stop it’s movement. Feel the energy ball you’re holding. Reach out to it with your mind’s eye. See and sense it’s existence. Feel the pulse of what you created out of your love. Turn it around in your hands. Get familiar with it. Does it have a texture? Vibration? Smell? Light pattern?

Think of someone who you want to share your love with, or
someone that needs your loving goodness in their life:

Are you kids in the next room? Partner working in the garage?
Toss the love ball to them, or into the room they’re in. Have family in another state? Focus your mind on them and send the ball their way.

How does it feel when the ball is gone? 

Can you notice a difference in how you feel from before beginning this exercise and now once the ball is gone? Make a reminder to check on how it’s affected who you sent it to, and take notes on your experience.

I love fire. I love the alchemy of burning things, changing a thing
from one form to another in a powerful release of energy. If I can
find a way to incorporate fire into a working, I do.

So, of course, this involves burning things, but you don’t have to involve fire if you can’t or don’t want to. The Pyro instructions are at the end.

Now, let’s get down to business. The nitty-gritty. The healing.

Go to your sacred space and place a pillow on the floor for you to sit on.

Make sure it will be comfortable for you to sit there for about an hour or so. Set up any accouterments that will ease and soothe your senses. You can:

Light some incense you love.

Circle yourself in candles.

Put on soft music or Solfeggio Frequencies.

396 Hz — Releases Fear
417 Hz — Eases and Initiates Change
528 Hz — Healing and DNA Repair
639 Hz — Heals Relationships

Place comforting things around where you’ll be sitting. 

You may want “feel good” things to be there when you’re done, depending on who/what you’re cutting cords with. Plus, who doesn’t love treats? Don’t be stingy on the chocolate. When you’re finished making your sacred space comfortable to you, then sit in a comfortable position and begin:

Think about who (or what) you plan to cut cords with. 

You can cut cords with a person, a memory, a bad habit, a negative pattern in your life, an emotion triggered by something negative buried in your psyche, etc. Whatever it is, you need to be able to represent it visually, as a physical thing. See it take shape in your mind’s eye. Watch it swish and swirl, twisting and turning from a formless silver mist into the picture representation of what you’re removing from your life tonight.

See what you’re removing. How does the sight of it make you feel?

Look at it and let yourself feel whatever feeling it gives you, and merge them together. Connect the physical representation and
the feeling it gives you, turn them into long wisps, silver strands of
twisting gray light, they flip and dip and spin to create a silver braided rope. That rope is attached to you where you felt it before, connecting you to the past at the other end of the line.

You can see the rope. You feel it’s weight tugging on your body. 

Where do you feel it connect to you physically? Picture your auric body, the shining, brilliant energetic version of your self. How does the cord look in that higher frequency? Does the cord resonate from your energy body to your physical body as a poke on your ribs?

Maybe a sore spot on your back or shoulders where you can see a hook attached? Maybe you feel a tingly tug on your lower abdomen. Locate where the cord is attached. (If this is your first ever cord cutting you will probably find multiple cords attached to you, don’t trip.

You’re ok.

Focus on each one and the feeling you get from looking at them and point out the connections points on your body. Locate where you feel each one the most.)

This time, we’re going to focus on sending energy into a yellow
dot placed at your solar plexus chakra. 

Fill the dot with yellow energy with each inhale and exhale. Make it grow with the energy of the awesomeness of you. Know that who you are is the most amazing energetic frequency that’s ever been, or will be.

There isn’t another being vibrating like you anywhere in space or time. Feel your unique signature. Own it. Watch it expand as each breath produces a rushing cascade of it pooling in your chest. It’s filled up so fast it’s spilling out and down your arms into that open space between your hands where it turns into an electric yellow sphere.

Soon, you’ve got a huge yellow energy ball that’s so electric your life force is sparking off the edges, it’s even arching directly between your hands.

Send that electric yellow energy ball to the place where you feel the silver braided rope connects to you.

 Direct it to burn like a laser through the connection. Tell it to cauterize the wound.

The silver rope recoils back, disconnected. 

It shoots through time and space back to its originator: you no longer have an etheric connection there to steal your energy. Do this for every cord you
found in the beginning exercise.

When your done cutting cords, create a small pink energy ball
from your heart chakra just like before, to send to the cord sites and help jumpstart your healing. 

This step is important. You need to give yourself a little self-care immediately after at each cord’s connection site. Don’t leave a hole or void where it used to be, energy fills any empty space around and you don’t want another cord created after doing the work to remove them.


You will need to redo this visualization every week or so, as you will find the longstanding etheric ties reform connections in time. However, they will be smaller and thinner each time you find one
attached to you. What you’ll need if you choose the pyro route or FIRE:


  • An Air-tight Glass jar with lid (Mason or one with a rubber seal works best, size will depend on the size of your cauldron)
  • Epsom Salt
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (70% gives you a longer burn than 90%) or
    other High Proof Alcohol like Vodka or Brandy (higher proof =hotter fire)
  • 7 to 9 Cleansing/Purifying/Healing/Blessing Herbs and/or Resins Including but not limited to: Hyssop, Frankincense, Rosemary, Patchouli, Agrimony, Vervain, Myrrh, Juniper, Angelica, Pine, Pennyroyal, Benzoin, Hawthorn,
    Red Clover, Anise, Sage, Lotus, Mint, Citrus Blossoms or Rinds,Heather, Dragon’s Blood, Elder Flowers or Berries, Lavender, Lilac,or Lemongrass.
  • A Cast Iron Cauldron/Fire Safe Bowl to burn in
  • A brown paper bag big enough to cover the glass jar
  • A Marker
  • Long-handled matches or barbecue lighter or nothing just be cautious of sudden flames  (sudden WHOOSH of flames).
  • •Sand/Fire Extinguisher


  1. Put the mix of herbs and resins you’ve chosen into the glass jar.
  2. Measure how much your Cauldron/Vessel can hold, then divide the amount by 3 or 4, then divide that amount by 2. Example: your fire safe bowl can hold a maximum of 24 ounces. 24 ounces divided by 3 is 8 ounces, 24 ounces divided by 4 is 6 ounces. Choose the amount you’re comfortable with by pouring each amount in the cauldron and taking note of the height it fills up to. This is the level you will start your fire so you want it to be much lower than the dish’s top lip.-6 ounces divided by 2 is 3 ounces, 8 ounces divided by 2 is 4 ounces.
  3. Measure out EQUAL PARTS of Epsom Salt and Alcohol (Using our example you’ll need 3 ounces or 4 ounces each of Epsom Salt and Alcohol) **Be sure to measure the Epsom Salt and Alcohol in EQUAL PARTS, the Epsom slows the rate at which the alcohol burns. **You want your fire safe bowl to be mostly empty AFTER pouring in your herbal/salt/alcohol mixture, as the flames will be reaching out above the lip: the more you have in there the higher the flames will reach. FIRE SAFETY FIRST.
  4. Put the herbs/resins, salt, and alcohol into the jar, cap it tightly,
    shake it like you mean it, put it into the brown paper bag, and mark the date and time on the bag with the marker.
  5. Place the brown bag in a window that gets good sunlight for a
    minimum of 1 week and up to a month.
  6. Some say you should strain the herbs out of this mixture before
    burning. I don’t. Burn everything. BURN THEM ALL.
  7. Make a name paper with your intention to cut cords with
    _______ and put it in the cauldron first before pouring in the herbal
    mixture from your jar.
  8. Light it up with the matches or lighter and NO FEAR and begin
    the visualization above so it burns while you’re going through the
    steps. I’ve found that using this alcohol/salt base means you get an
    almost smoke-free fire. I’ve set a fire inside my second bedroom
    following the instructions above that burned for over an hour, no


“A cauldron fire MUST be built in a cast iron cauldron or a cauldron of another material built to withstand very high heat. Materials that are unable to withstand the heat will pose a fire hazard and materials like glass and ceramic can shatter. Build your cauldron fire on a stable, heatproof surface. If you have a stone or brick hearth that is an ideal place to build a cauldron fire but otherwise heatproof pads or trivets must be used. Do not place the cauldron on any surface that is covered in cloth or made of wood. You should take care not to build your cauldron fire near anything flammable like curtains, blankets, etc. Avoid wearing loose clothing and keep your hair tied back if it's longer.”

– Avery Hart aka ‘The Travelling Witch’


Written by: Joe Rupe

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