“Former Cloning Lab Manager” Discovers Real Evidence of Mermaids

todayAugust 27, 2023 5

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Black Hoodie Alchemy’s old correspondent Jefferson T is here to share some of his latest groundbreaking research with you.

Check out this brief and informative video right here!

After finding some obscure documentaries from a youtube channel called “Animal Planet”, he’s caught wind of Naval conspiracies to cover up the existence of mermaids and even dragons! Known as a former actor and “illuminati cloning lab manager”, Jefferson now fights for the salvation of humanity in the Everglades of FL. Surrounded by Tippy P and the League of Extordniary Gents, these men seek to save the world from shapeshiftinf illumaniti gators and enlighten the world about many truths… like about how mermaids and dragons exist in real life! Check out Black Hoodie Alchemy wherever you stream your podcast action for strange laughs and real philosophy.


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Written by: Anthony Tyler

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