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‘Lighting the Void’ Radio is Crashed by a ‘Former Cloning Lab Manager’

Buckle the hell up this week, because you're in for a wild ride! Former "Illuminati cloning lab manager" and "actor", codename: Jefferson Tilamookslinger AKA Steve Buschemi AKA Shnelius Maximus AKA Clone-Lab Supreme graces us with his presence! You can listen to the episode right here or wherever you stream your podcast action! Most listeners of Black Hoodie Alchemy will by now be familiar with redneck mystic ⁠Tippy Patson and The […]

todaySeptember 3, 2023


“Former Cloning Lab Manager” Discovers Real Evidence of Mermaids

Black Hoodie Alchemy’s old correspondent Jefferson T is here to share some of his latest groundbreaking research with you. Check out this brief and informative video right here! After finding some obscure documentaries from a youtube channel called “Animal Planet”, he’s caught wind of Naval conspiracies to cover up the existence of mermaids and even dragons! Known as a former actor and “illuminati cloning lab manager”, Jefferson now fights for […]

todayAugust 27, 2023


“Cloning Lab Whistleblower” says Comedian Bill Hicks is Alex Jones?

Black Hoodie Alchemy's resident "cloning lab whistleblower", codename Jefferson Tillamookslinger and also Steve Buschemi now, has taken a rest from his extensive cloning-lab expose' to drop a whole new truth bomb on the public! A lot of people seem to think that the late comedian Bill Hicks and Alex Jones of InfoWars are entirely different people, but Steve/Jefferson has some insider details that might make you reconsider that angle!   […]

todayJune 21, 2023


BHA43: Gurdjieff & 4/20 Celebrations (feat. Martin Ferretti & Jefferson T. AKA Steve Buschemi)

This episode is a cannabis-fueled 4/20 celebration! Alas, I was not here to record for it -- but Jefferson Tilamookslinger was thankfully available to fill in and keep the flame alive! You can listen to the episode right here! For those unaware, Jefferson first appeared in Black Hoodie Alchemy #34 and is a former Illuminati cloning-lab-manager that has since relocated to the Florida Everglades, joining the forces of Tippy Patson's […]

todayApril 17, 2023


BHA34: Synchronicity 101 & Codename: Jefferson T (feat. Grant Mock)

Welcome to a little bit of a listener appreciation edition of Black Hoodie Alchemy! We have a pre-recorded call-in from Chris F, a little bit of featured music from rapper and illustrator Alex Arck, and the rowdy banjo picking of listener Grant Mock under the name Stray Puzzle Piece, who also joins me as a guest in the second portion of the show to discuss the concept of CG Jung's […]

todayFebruary 13, 2023


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