BHA13: Schizophrenic Serial Killers (feat. Joe Rupe of Lighting the Void)

todayJuly 18, 2022

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Welcome back to Black Hoodie Alchemy!
Here comes the first appearance (of many to come on this show) of my friend Joe Rupe, host of Lighting the Void and the main brain behind Fringe FM Radio. He is also a former member of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and has a great deal of insight into mysticism, transcendental magick, and Jungian psychology. In this episode, we warm up with some talk about the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones, and we talk about the state of Jungian psychology today and where different people have taken it. But after that, we get into the meat of the conversation, discussing three infamous serial killers, all of which were severely schizophrenic and had darkly mystical hallucinations.
These men are Joseph Kalinger, Herbert Mullin, and Richard Chase. Kalinger was a shoemaker in Philadelphia that was chosen by Yahweh to save humankind by creating the perfect shoe, which ultimately led to torture and murder in some very bizarre ways. Mullin was a man that became convinced Yahweh needed him to kill as many people as the Vietnam War had casualties. See, Mullin needed to provide sacrifices to Yahweh to stop an armageddon-type earthquake. But Richard Chase was dubbed the Vampire of Sacramento because he was obsessed with blood — even going as far as injecting animal blood into his veins. Eventually, he started killing for human blood and was convinced that Nazi UFOs were following him. 
I tell Joe all these stories and then we analyze them through the lens of Hermeticism and Jungian psychology. It takes us to some very creepy places, but we found the conversation to be thought-provoking and we hope you do too.
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Written by: Anthony Tyler

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