Fortean Archetypes & the Battle of Memetic Viruses on ‘The Alchemical Mind’

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Check out my latest conversation with Martin Ferretti, host of the podcast The Alchemical Mind‘ and editor of my latest book, Hunt Manual: 21st Century Demonology & Forteana

This go-round is my third time on his podcast and you can find the link to this conversation on spotify right here — you can find the second chat here, and our first chat here. You can also find these episodes on whatever else your preferred podcast platform is. 

Below is the description he wrote of our conversation (and the title is from his mind as well):

Anthony Tyler, author of Dive Manual and the recently released Hunt Manual, which I had the pleasure of editing, joins me on a special episode to discuss Fortean archetypes, the importance of myth in our daily lives, tulpamancy, chaos magic, true crime and morality, shadow work and alchemy as more than just practices, manifesting reality, and tons more. We had a ton of fun tossing ideas back and forth, and I certainly hope you enjoy the episode.


Jack Kirby Planetary Control Room

Written by: Anthony Tyler

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