Forteana as Ongoing Mythology on ‘Dharma Junkie’

todayOctober 4, 2021 1

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I had the pleasure of joining my good friend Justin Otto back in the studio for another episode of his podcast, Dharma Junkie. Conversation based on the esoteric, philosophical, and existential, this episode we go to the depths of fortean/unexplainable phenomena and look at some of the sillier characters in modern folklore, such as Owlman and the variety of Loch Ness Monster offshoots, among others more.

But we don’t stop there. Contrasting these cases with some more curious and heavily documented cases of strange phenomena, like the Church Street Poltergeist and the Fatima Miracles/Encounters –and also making serious considerations to the science of mass hysteria, hallucination, and entrancement — Justin and I don’t come to any hard conclusions. But what we can genuinely say is that, regardless of the ultimate answers and implications, all of these things can be seen as pieces of modern mythology and folklore that are just as colorful as those of our ancestors. And in one form or another, it is a mythology that is alive and well.

You can check out the episode here on Spotify, or wherever else you stream or download your podcasts.


Written by: Anthony Tyler

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