The Magick Of Gemini

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By Amanda R.

The solar month of Gemini starts on May 21st and goes through June 21st . Gemini is often described as the twins. If we really delve into the mythology behind this sign, you may notice that its energy embodies the concept of duality. The Greek myth of Castor and Pollux is associated with Gemini. These twins were said to have the same mother, Leda, but Castor was fathered by the mortal king of Sparta, while Pollux was the son of
Zeus. Pollux was granted immortality from Zeus. To remain with his brother, Pollux offered to share his immortality and therefore they were both transformed into the constellation Gemini. The theme of duality seen in this example as mortality and immortality is seen throughout correspondences that pertain to this sign. The mirror is another symbol of Gemini. When you gaze into a mirror your reflection seems identical
to you, but it is actually reversed from left to right. You are seeing yourself how others see you. This sort of mirroring also occurs in quantum entanglement. When a photon is split and the halves are separated by a long distance, the halves will act similarly but as a mirror of each other. When a spin is placed on one half, the second half will instantaneously react without outside stimulus. It will begin to spin also. The interesting
part is that whatever spin you apply to the initial half, the other will spin in the opposite direction. The tarot card that is related to this sign is the lovers, typically drawn as a female and a male. Again, a symbol of duality, BUT if we dive even deeper into all of these examples, you can also see an underlying message of balance.

Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiacal year. Gemini Magick is all about ideas, communication, commerce, and higher learning. It is one of the signs of the mind and inventive creation. It is ruled by Mercury along with earthly Virgo. Where Gemini is the initial insight, knowledge, and ideas, Virgo is organizing those ideas to be able to birth them into creation. A mutable sign, Gemini asks us to be flexible. It asks us to have the ability to quickly take in information and switch to new ideas if need be, in order to
complete this process. This energy is a great kick-start to any projects involving learning or communicating ideas. It can be harnessed to synthesize group ideas, improve communication related to concepts, help to plan new projects, or begin educational studies. Use this time to plot your course to exchange information more effectively.

When we utilize Sun magick, it is important to take into account the solar year. Gemini is the first of the Air signs we see in the Zodiacal year and the third overall sign. Again, being mutable sign you may feel as though information comes quickly, changes frequently, and you have a newfound ability to see situations from all sides. The shadow side of Gemini is that if we stay a state of indecisiveness, mulling over every point of view, we run the risk of not getting anything accomplished.

Being the first air sign, it is the initial spark and influx of ideas. When we reach the second air sign of the solar year, Libra, this is where we find a balance between all the options we were given under this initial Gemini Stage. The balance of Libra will help us reach a stage of completion by weighing the options and choosing the ones that work. The Air then flows into the sign of Aquarius, which will push us to coalesce these projects and knowledge to utilize them more for the greater good of the community and humanity.

You can utilize a waxing moon in Gemini to pull some of this energy towards you. During a waning Gemini moon focus on removing blocks. Throughout the month you can utilize Sun Magick to work with the sign.

Gemini Sun Magick

Sun magick is done on Sundays.  Unlike moon magick, the timing is best during the day. With most planetary magick you would use the corresponding planetary hour, but with the Sun you utilize a time of day that corresponds to the Sun’s transit.

  • Sunrise– Fresh starts and new beginnings, utilized for starting new thought projects, new educational endeavors, new technology
  • Noon– Great time to charge crystals that correspond to the sun, metal magickal tools, or jewelry (particularly gold). It is also a good time to focus on health with Gemini this would be relating to the lungs and hands
  • Afternoon– Success in business and communication
  • Sunset– Treat this like the waning moon and push away unwanted habits. In the Gemini season, this would mean anything related to obstacles in communication or education


Set up your altar or prayer space outside under the sun combining the golds of the Sun or aluminum as the modern metal for Mercury, and corresponding crystals. You can combine sunflowers or daisies the correspond to the Sun with lavender, dill sprigs, irises, and parsley for Gemini. Sandalwood, Frankincense or jasmine oil and incense can be used to anoint candles and set the mood. The number 6 corresponds to the Sun. If you have 6 candles this is ideal. For the Sun you can use gold, combined with yellow, orange, and sky blue.  The lover tarot card or images of any of the corresponding goddesses or gods are also good additions. The lover’s tarot card is about recognizing the two sides of yourself and the recognition of multiple sides needed to merge for creation, hence the Gemini correspondence. Get creative!

Write a letter of intent describing goals regarding the aspects of Gemini. Charge this during your magickal ritual and really focus on imagining what it will look and feel like when this goal is accomplished. Burn your intention letter with the purpose of sending these requests up to spirit through the energy of the Sun. Save the ashes and take them outside somewhere where an airy breeze is present. Allow the wind to take the ashes and disperse them out into the world. Imagine the wind carrying your intentions to
the people who resonate with them and will bring you support towards these goals. Make sure to thank the energies and remain appreciative as you work towards your goals.


Written by: Joe Rupe

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